How much does it cost?


The transofrmation that personal training can bring you should be looked at as an investment more than a cost. The knowledge you gain, the improvment in movement and fitness along with a new enthusiasm will hopefully stay with you for life.

We have the following packages available and all of them include the following;



Fitness consultation.

Full postural analysis.

Full range of motion testing.

Body composition and body fat testing.

Nutritional analysis.

Access to private gym and showering facilities

Weight management advice.

Round the clock support and advice.

Post work out Protein Shake.



With commitment, focus and dedication to both fitness and nutrition these packages are specifically designed to get you looking and feeling in the best shape of your life. See below for which one best suits your needs, ideally you will be training twice a week to see the best results.


Training Packages



“Lets Move”   £360


1 month of training (8 sessions)  

An introduction to Move Fitness Personal Training. Perfect for those new to the gym surroundings, returning from injury or simply looking to begin a new fitness programme. This package is designed to get you started, without having to commit for a long period of time.


This introductory package includes the following :


“The Lean Machine”   £680


2 months of training (16 sessions)


Ideal for those that have a specific goal in mind. 6 weeks of progressive, structured training designed to meet your goals.



“Endurance “ £960


3 months of training (24 sessions) 


A truly life changing experience. Stick it out with Move Fitness for 3 months of regular personal training.With the Endurance personal training package, a Move Fitness trainer adheres and adapts to your ever evolving fitness levels. Taking you above and beyond what you initally thought capable. Guranteed to get you feeling and looking better than you ever imagined!




* all sessions paid for must be used within 6 months of purchase


“Buddy Training”  £960


Share the experience and the cost with a friend. Buddy up with one of your pals who are a good match for you in physical fitness level and ability, then complete your training sessions together as a pair. Begin with separate fitness assessments, match up your goals, and then hit the floor with a Move Fitness personal trainer to experience the challenge together. This is a great way to have fun and stay motivated through non-traditional, exciting workouts.


This package includes all the benefits of the "Lean Machine"