"I've been training with Lewis Bradford from Move Fitness Leicester for the last six weeks and it has been just an outstanding experience.
As a client I came with a very specific set of goals - I needed help to prepare for a 145 mile trail race from Birmingham to London to take place in 6 weeks time.  Lewis took the time to ask the relevant questions to understand exactly what I wanted.  He researched the event.  He turned up at each session with a written plan.  He explained the purpose of each segment of the session and he led me through each segment with true focus on helping me get maximum benefit.  He gave me feedback and encouragement throughout but I never felt patronised.  On the flip side, Lewis was always willing to listen to my queries and to alter some of the details if necessary to make sure that the session worked for me.  It felt as if he was completely committed to creating the programme that would deliver for me.   I knew that every day I turned up that I'd be having a session that was very personally structured to develop the relevant elements of my performance.  I achieved things I would never have dreamt of.
 The physical endorphin buzz following completion of these sessions made me feel as if I could pull up trees.  The emphasis on functional fitness opened up a world of new challenges - and the revelation for me was that this was GREAT FUN!  I looked forward to each session to see what new variation or piece of equipment I would get to work on. It is great value for money. I will definitely be continuing my sessions with Lewis because he has the gift of releasing the best in you - things that you never knew were there.  Give Move Fitness a call.  It'll change your world."
                                                                                Mark, Leicester

"I trained with Tom for a period of 6 months in 2011. Whilst fitness and exercise have always been an important part of my life, I initially didn’t think a personal trainer could make a difference – well, how wrong was I? Tom is an extremely friendly and approachable guy. His enthusiasm is infectious and he has a great way in helping to improve self-awareness and self-confidence.


One of my aims was to improve my running performance. He devised a tailored-made weekly running and fitness programme for me. As the weeks passed, my running distances lengthened and Tom’s knowledge and advice regarding nutrition and energy drinks were second to none. By the end of the programme, I was able to run faster and for longer! Having Tom’s dedication in the background greatly enhanced my self-motivation.


Tom’s technical knowledge is superb and it wasn’t long before I realised that I had accumulated a lot of ‘bad habits’ in the gym over the years! It was certainly beneficial to polish up my technical ability and gain new ideas and concepts. Tom is always ready to try out new ideas and always receptive to listening to your own thoughts and ideas – you never get a chance to get bored!"



                                                   Angela, Loughborough


“I have never been a runner, in fact the sheer thought of running got me all hot, bothered and raised my heart rate to unnatural levels. Despite not being keen on running, I decided to give it a go and started running on the treadmill at the gym. After a few weeks I found that the more I did it the more I actually liked it. As a result I decided to enter the Leicester half-marathon as a challenge.

My limited experience of running encouraged me to look for a personal trainer for some guidance. I met Tom and he instantly made me feel at ease with my goal of running the half-marathon. He spent time putting a training programme together which was individual to me, so that I could build my stamina and ultimately my ability to comfortably run 13.1 miles. Not only did he motivate me through
training sessions, regular communication via telephone and email, but he gave me nutritional advice about what to eat before and after training and for the race itself. My main aim was to just complete the half-marathon and I wasn’t too fussed about times – but with Toms support and guidance I managed to complete the race with a respectable time of 2 hours 15 minutes – Thanks Tom!”



                                                          Amy, Mountsorrel


I was trained by Lewis for 3 months in early 2011. I wanted to shift a bit of weight, tone up and generally improve my fitness and as I was unsure of how best to do this on my own and not being confident in the gym I needed some help, Lewis used a range of exercises to make sure I did not get bored varying from cardio workouts, functional training and kettle bells based on my strengths and what I enjoyed. He also advised me on small changes I can make to my diet that help with weight loss and energy levels.

We trained at least once a week and along with doing little bits by myself at home (pretty  essential to get the best and quickest results) I noticed a difference in my body and fitness within a very short time. His encouragement helped me to acheive something I have not been able to do on my own and a year on I have still kept my weight off as well as being active and no longer scared to use gym equipment!



                                                          Tracy, Birstall


I have been quite overweight for a number of years. It just seemed to creep up on me and before I knew it I had gone up 3 clothes  sizes. It wasn’t until I got some holiday photo’s back last summer that I realised something had to change. A friend of mine put me in touch with Tom and I met him for an initial consultation. Tom made me feel at ease from day one and made me believe I could reach my goal of losing 4 stone. He spent time putting together nutritional plans and really listening to me (I’m such a fussy eater, but this didn’t seem to phase him). I met with him twice a week and completed the sessions he planned – and even on those days where I felt like I couldn’t face training he motivated me to do and even enjoy it. I am currently two  stones lighter and thanks to Tom I actually believe I can reach that end goal.



                                                      Julie, Thurmaston